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SAN DIEGO — Two of San Diego’s largest events, San Diego Pride and San Diego Comic-Con, are returning to full scale events after holding scaled back events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now the San Diego Police Department is preparing and offering the following personal safety tips to residents and visitors as thousands are expected to come to town for the events.

  1. Be aware of surroundings
  2. Keep valuables in your front pockets
  3. Don’t leave bags or purses unattended
  4. Don’t accept drinks from strangers and monitor your drink at all times

“Anytime you have a large crowd like that we want to make sure that people follow certain safety guidelines to make sure you have fun but your also safe at the same time,” said Lt. Jonathan Lowe, with the San Diego Police Department.

The police department is making personal safety sheet card for Hillcrest business owners to hand out to their customers.

The card will include the safety tips and a QR code/link to be able to file a police report online.

The card stems from Rich’s Nightclub owner Ryan Bedrosian, who reached out to police after he noticed a pick-pocketing issue in Hillcrest.

“A lot of phones were going missing and we reached out to SDPD. Most of them weren’t getting reported, which makes sense since you call your insurance and get a new phone,” said Bedrosian.

The card will be beneficial for Bedrosian’s business, as well as other businesses that will be busy during Pride weekend.

“Having this card is a simple way to file an online report, so that SDPD knows what is going on in the community and can then take steps to help us,” said Bedrosian.

Lt. Lowe says there will be heavy police presence at both the parade and festival, with other agencies assisting SDPD.

“It would be nice if everyone saw a police officer standing on the block, but at the same time I don’t want people to have to worry about that. I want them to worry about them being prideful and having fun and having a good time,” said Lt. Lowe.