SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Police Department on Monday announced the launch of a portal dedicated to providing sexual assault survivors with resources and information following the collection of sexual assault evidence kit.

The program is in accordance with a new law in California that requires police departments across the state to provide survivors with access to the latest information on their SAEK.

The online portal shows the status of the kit’s progress, a tracking events table with dates on each step of the process, and a contact number for further questions that may arise, according to SDPD officials.

“The San Diego Police Department is committed to helping sexual assault survivors in knowing
exactly where their kit is in the process,” Police Chief David Nisleit said. “This portal will be a great
tool toward helping survivors stay informed every step of the way. We thank the Portland Police
Bureau for sharing this technology with law enforcement agencies for free.”

SDPD worked with the Sexual Assault Management System (SAMS) team of the Portland Police Bureau to establish the database and get the tool up and running.

Police officials say that survivors are not required to use the tool but that anyone whose exam was administered after July 1, 2022, is free and able to track the latest updates. Survivors who do choose to use the portal are encouraged to use an incognito window for increased privacy.

For more information on the new tool, click HERE.