SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Police Department is beefing up security around the College Area for the Halloween weekend.

Lots of partying around San Diego State University is expected, but with a recent spike in noise complaints and violence, police are urging partygoers to be extra careful.

“We’re not going to be hiding, you will see our officers out on patrol,” SDPD Lt. Matt Botkin said.

Even students say they think the added security is needed.

“I just know Halloween weekend — there’s going to be tons of kids drinking and it can be a recipe for disaster at times,” said Ava Jones, a sophomore at SDSU.

Last weekend, a 22-year-old man was shot in the arm after a group of people turned up at a house party, uninvited, and tried to force their way in.

“We’ll be looking for people who are at parties who don’t necessarily belong there, meaning they weren’t invited or they don’t seem to be up to any kind of good. Know who’s at your party. Know that if you have someone who’s under 21 who shouldn’t be drinking at your party and if you are gonna drink, do it responsibly,” Botkin said.

Police say they’ll likely respond to noise complaints with a warning, but if they’re forced to go back after another complaint within 24 hours, that can result in a fine of $500 and up.

“We really are just looking for things to be easy, but if we have to do enforcement, we will,” said Botkin.

SDPD is partnering with the SDSU Police Department on the increased enforcement for Halloween weekend.

“We’re all for it — it’s for our safety,” Jones said.