SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Police Department confirmed they arrested two men in connection with stealing San Diego County Sheriff’s Department equipment.

The SDPD is leading the investigation with the Sheriff’s Department. The police department said they are still investigating how, when and where the two men were able to take the department’s gear.

Police said around 1:15 a.m. Wednesday, officers pulled over a green Mercedes with Arizona license plates covered in fake bullet hole stickers for an equipment violation.

Investigators said the driver and passenger wore what is described as “clothing consistent with a San Diego County Sheriff’s uniform.” Police confirmed neither one is a member of the Sheriff’s Department.

Inside the car, San Diego police said they found a replica gun, enforcement-style equipment, the kind of equipment an officer or deputy would carry, and narcotics.

San Diego police said they cited the driver and passenger for false personation and narcotics offenses. Police said they issued citations in this case because the crime of impersonating a police officer and the narcotics offenses are misdemeanor in nature.

The SDPD is working with the Sheriff’s Office on the investigation.