SAN DIEGO – San Diego Gas & Electric announced relief may be on the way for March bills after recent historically high gas prices.

“Number one for us, it’s the cooking and of course there’s heating as well,” said Yannis Pihas, owner of Yanni’s Bar and Grill in Scripps Ranch.

Pihas is one of many grappling with the rising cost of natural gas.

He says his bills were, “$1,609 in November, $2,202 in December and $4,245 in January.”

Pihas says he held off on raises prices for any reason for as long as he could, but just last month raised prices by 8% to keep up with the cost of living and labor.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, natural gas prices have spiked because of multiple factors including below average temperatures for much of the West Coast and in turn, a higher demand for heating.

Residents are struggling just as much with the unprecedented gas bills.

“There’s not much you can do about it. They send you a bill and if you don’t pay your bill, they cut you off,” Mitchell Stone said.

Thursday SDG&E announced a positive outlook for next month, saying bills will likely mirror March 2022 prices.

The electric provider sites the restoration of a critical out-of-state pipeline and improving weather conditions lessening the demand on natural gas, which will contribute to lower market prices.

SDG&E also made it clear it doesn’t set the price. Natural gas prices are determined by national and regional markets.

While SDG&E is hopeful for March bills, it also shares the markets where SDG&E purchases natural gas remain volatile and sensitive to changing weather and maintenance updates.