SAN DIEGO — San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) is dealing with thousands of power outages and restoring power back to customers.

SDG&E is also preparing for more outages with more wind expected.

“Any time that we have high winds or storms for that matter, unplanned outages are always possible,” the SDG&E communications manager said.

SDG&E is preparing ahead of rainstorms, strong winds and power outages. They are beefing up field crews and equipment.

The agency said they have remote operations centers staged at locations around the county, including in wind-prone Julian and Borrego Springs.

“Where we store equipment, we have staff members ready to go at a moment’s notice,” Welling said.

SDG&E said working remotely allows crews to respond to outages faster to repair and investigate. The remote operations centers also allow for crews to work in preventing outages. T

The utilities company said they have daily meetings with different departments like their meteorology and operations team.

“It really comes down to make sure we are staffed up and have the resources available to restore power as quickly and safely. Any time heavy rains we do see increase with car contacts with poles or transformers. Making sure we have those resources available in the event there is an accident,” Welling said.

When crews are called out, their technician determines the cause and whether to put customers on a different circuit to restore their power quicker.

“If the damage is more substantial it may take us more time where we actually have to replace the infrastructure out there,” Welling said.

SDG&E encourages customers to be prepared, have an emergency plan, tie up loose items like umbrellas and garbage bins.

If you do experience an outage, customers can check the SGD&E website for the latest status updates.

Also people are advised to drive carefully around power crews who are out working.