SAN DIEGO — Your San Diego Gas & Electric bill is expected to be higher starting next year.

Customers will see an average increase of about $28 a month starting Jan. 1, according to SDG&E.

However, some customers say that’s just too much.

“Oh, it’s through the roof,” customer Prentis McCall said. “It’s always been expensive. Everything’s always been expensive.”

SDG&E winter rate expects customers to see a monthly average rate increase of $15 for delivery and $13 for generation.

They says customers may see an average of $28 more on their bill next year.

“It hurts your pocketbook,” McCall said. “Especially I’m a senior. I’m on a fixed income.”

SDG&E released a statement saying in part:

“We are seeing higher energy pricing in large part because of increased costs for buying natural gas in the wholesale market worldwide… SDG&E does not make a profit selling more electricity or natural gas.“

OhmConnect CEO Cisco DeVries says a big part of the increase is actually driven by the war in Ukraine and the increase in natural gas prices around the world.

DeVries says his company offers a free service to customers to help them lower their energy bills and even pay them to do so.

“We’ll let you know with a text message and an email when it’s time to reduce and if you want to reduce more and get paid more and do it automatically, people connect things like Smart thermostats or Smart plugs that we can then turn off automatically on your behalf if you want that extra help,” DeVries said.

SDG&E adds that it offers discounts and payment plans for customers.