SAN DIEGO – Customers of San Diego Gas & Electric will receive a bill credit back in the upcoming summer months, officials announced Tuesday.

Residential customers of SDG&E will receive $64.17 on both their August and September electric bills, a total savings of $128.34, thanks to the California Climate Credit program.

The newly announced rebate comes in addition to the previous $43.06 for natural gas customers that was given earlier this year by the California Public Utilities Commission.

So why the credits? Well, according to officials, it all comes down to what it’s like outside.

“The credits are applied to bills during what are typically the hottest months in the year, when energy bills tend to be higher due to the use of air conditioning,” SDG&E officials said.

No action is required for customers to receive the credit and the statement will automatically show up on your August and September bill. Some small businesses may also be eligible and can find more information HERE.