SAN DIEGO — Members of the House of Ukraine in Balboa Park are feeling hopeful about the days ahead as Ukraine comes close to one year of the Russian Invasion.

The organization said watching President Biden make a surprise visit to Kyiv, Ukraine and meeting Ukrainian President Zelensky renews its determination.

Orysya Barua is one of the board members of the House of Ukraine.

“Today (Monday) I (opened) the news and I was like ‘wow he’s in Kyiv with President Zelensky!’ Which was very bold (of) him to do that. I hope it sends a good message to our enemy and to the allies,” Barua said.

The San Diego Ukrainian Community has been helping the war effort since the days before it started.

The community has been holding rallies every Saturday at the El Cid statue in the heart of Balboa Park and after the first shots were fired.

Community members have continuously been fundraising, sending donations, protective gear and medical supplies.

“Many people have been damaged psychologically from this war, especially children. That’s the biggest toll on the citizens,” Barua explained.

Many Ukrainian community members think that peace talks and compromises with Russia are not an option to end the war. But Barua said they have hope Ukraine will prevail, and that one-day the country can restore what has been lost.

“(Russian President) Putin said this war was going to last three days and that he would be there sitting on a throne in Kyiv, but it didn’t happen,” Barua said. “Half a country, some cities and villages don’t exist anymore, which is the hardest part of this bloody war.”

To mark a year since the invasion, there are many events planned through Sunday.

Barua told FOX 5 that on Thursday morning a bell will ring 365 times to symbolize the 365 days of the war at “America’s Freedom Bell,” located in front of the Air and Space Museum at 2001 Pan American Plaza.

It is one of many events being planned to recognize the Ukraine crisis, more events can be seen on the House of Ukraine’s website.

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022 and has killed thousands.