SAN DIEGO — A 44-year-old Nebraska man died while scuba diving in La Jolla Cove Sunday.

Jared Schreck was recovered by San Diego lifeguards after his diving group surfaced without him. He was found unresponsive 15 feet below the surface. Such a shallow depth is rare for this type of accident.

CPR was given and Schreck was taken to a hospital, but he died of what the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office say was a heart attack.

“Even if the rescue is fast, it’s going to take him two or three minutes to get to you and by that time, the victim had his regulator out of the mouth so he wasn’t breathing, obviously, and so it adds up quickly,” said Werner Krun, a dive instructor and CEO of Ocean Enterprises.

Diving isn’t extremely strenuous, but experts say when people wear weights and tanks, they can be carrying 60 extra pounds that can stress the body.

“You have all of your gear on, and now you want to get into the ocean and then lower yourself down and then start kicking,” Krun added. “You’ve got to fight the waves a little bit to get past the surf line. And then you start your scuba dive. But maybe you are out of breath by that time and if you’re not in the greatest physical shape or maybe you’re trying to catch your breath and then suddenly the heart attack comes, and it’s just at the wrong time in the wrong place.”