CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A man added fortune to his morning cup of coffee on a lucky morning in Chula Vista.

According to the California Lottery, Nabi Hasani said “he couldn’t believe his eyes” after staring down at a $10 “The Perfect Gift” Scratchers ticket worth a whopping $1 million.

Hasani purchased the ticket at an Arco ampm minimart located at 407 E Street in Chula Vista while making a stop for a cup of Joe.

“It was just a random pick. I asked the cashier if it was true that I won,” Hasani told the California Lottery. “I still went home and showed my children and asked them to confirm it, too.”

Hasani was tasked with uncovering a box showing a bell and the $1,000,000 figure. He was given 20 chances and says his luck turned when he had only three boxes left to scratch off.

Box 17 delivered, revealing his big bucks victory.

A winning Scratchers ticket purchased in Chula Vista, Calif. is pictured, (Image: California Lottery)

The California Lottery says the owner of the minimart was also awarded a $5,000 bonus prize for selling the new millionaire the winning ticket.

Money from the California Lottery is used to help fund public educations and Hasani says knowing his purchase is helping schools and the children is “the best thing.”