SAN MARCOS, Calif. – San Marcos Youth Baseball league is preparing to return the fields where a shooting interfered with a Little League game Monday.

A stray bullet was captured on video landing dangerously close to players and since then, the league says there have been no games or practice held at Mission Sports Park.

“What do we need to do as an organization to make sure that our families are safe when they’re on site,” league president Daniel Max said.

On Saturday, players and their families will be back at the park after almost a week without play or practice. The league says there are more than 70 teams that all lost practice and at least one since the shooting happened, but they want to make Saturday a positive day.

“This big, exciting thing that when it comes Sunday, they forget about Monday,” Max said.

Players and families will be greeted by local vendors, sheriff’s deputies and more.

“We’re having a table with all the board members so parents can to come up. We have a licensed child psychiatrist because we know how kids are when they’re at home, it’s a different story. When they get to that environment it might change there and so will have that support out there,” Max said.

Immediately following the shooting, the San Marcos Youth Baseball board began talking about a safety plan moving forward. The league will be working with a consulting group to assess the park and train league volunteers on a variety of scenarios to increase safety all around.

“It’s not just shooters. It’s other things like what if our snack bar catches on fire, if there’s an earthquake and a building collapses. What evacuation routes and plans do we have in place to ensure everybody leaves the park safe,” Max said.

The sheriff’s department is still investigating the shooting and offering a $1,000 Crime Stoppers reward for any information that leads to an arrest in this case. There will be added deputies in the area Saturday.