SAN MARCOS, Calif. — The heavy rain this week has had quite the impact on communities throughout San Diego, including in San Marcos, where one woman’s entire home flooded. 

The homeowner has lived on Terrace Lane in San Marcos since the early ’70s and says this is the first time anything like this has happened, but it was something she was worried about, being located on a dirt road with nowhere for the water to go. 

“It was wet dirt, it covered all of the floor,” Darelene Kruswick described. 

After a lot of rain on New Year’s Eve, Kruswick returned home New Year’s Day to find water had entered the home. A debris line on the dryer in the garage indicated the water was about 10 inches high at one point. 

Her carpets have been stripped and drying machines are now running throughout the home. Tape on the walls indicates how high the water damage is, which will have to be removed entirely, because the 1970s home was built with asbestos. 

Kruswick says at some point in the ’80s or ’90s, the city allowed for the end of her street to be filled. 

“They put all of that landfill in and blocked off the drainage so now, when the surge comes in from the creek, it had no place to run back.” 

Due to the holiday, it took a while to get the clean-up started. Kruswick is prepared to be displaced for quite some time. 

“I have children, grown children and I can couch surf for a long time.” said Kruswick, who is taking the news with a good attitude. 

She says she is planning on contacting the city to ask about any possible assistance available and thinks others in the city who live on similar dirt roads could potentially experience flooding too. 

“I’ve got flood insurance, but maybe other people don’t and they’re going to have to carry all this themselves,” Kruswick said. 

FOX 5 spoke to several San Marcos city departments on Tuesday afternoon, but none were available to formally comment on this particular situation due to several people still being out for the New Year.

FOX 5 will update this story with any additional information we receive.