ENCINITAS, Calif. – The San Dieguito Union High School District recently placed its superintendent on administrative leave for a comment she made about Asian students’ high success rate.

Now, Cheryl James-Ward is fighting back against a possible firing.

James-Ward talked with FOX 5 about what happens next and why she is fighting for her job. She says that she believes she was targeted by two other board members who were looking for a reason to push her out.

The superintendent claims that board members, Michael Allman and Maureen “Mo” Muir, pushed her to make specific comments that were taken out of context and that the two are now using the opportunity to find a replacement.

“I believe Micheal Allman and Mo Muir created a situation for a public lynching. Right, and then I was put on leave,” Ward said.

This all comes after James-Ward says she pushed through an ethnic studies pilot program that Allman and Muir did not agree with. James-Ward says Allman used her indelicate sentence, which she regrets, to stoke anger against her attempting to push her from her job.

“Truncated statement and a tweet out to the community, and that started a firestorm,” Ward said.

The superintendent has retained counsel but has yet to file a lawsuit. A severance package has been offered but James-Ward says she still has a job to do.

She filed a harassment claim March 10 and believes she is being silenced for speaking up about bad behavior. Now, a group of parents are rallying around her and instead are calling for Allman’s resignation.

“I live in the community, I took the job because I love the community and I intend to stay in the job,” she said.