SAN DIEGO — Sometimes San Diegans are faced with morning traffic and busy schedules, but there’s also the calming sounds of the sea and other relaxing qualities to be enjoyed.

Every bustling city, including America’s Finest, has stress factors and stress relievers. So just how chill or tense are San Diegans?

With National Relaxation Day set for Aug. 15, LawnStarter compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities to determine which offer the most peace of mind.

This study is based on 42 stress factors and stress relievers, including in metrics like depression rates, the average length of a workday, and access to spas and massage therapists.

A weight was then assigned to each factor based on its importance and those factors were grouped into the following eight categories: mental well-being, mental health boosters, physical well-being, financial well-being, work stressors, environmental stressors, social stressors and recreation options.

Out of the 200 biggest cities in the country, San Diego was determined to be the No. 28 most relaxed, according to this study. Here’s a break down of where America’s Finest City ranked in some key metrics:

  • Depression Rate — 30th
  • Mental Health Providers per 100,000 Residents — 59th
  • Stroke Among Adults — 23rd
  • Insured Rate — 45th
  • Transit Score — 47th
  • Historical Annual Number of Very Hot Days — 8th
  • Unintentional Gun Shootings per 100,000 Residents — 52nd
  • Number of Trails — 12th

The most chill city, according to this study, was deemed to be Sunnyvale, California. This city had a No. 1 ranking in the key metrics of mental well-being and physical well-being.

On the contrary, the least relaxed city listed by LawnStarter was Detroit, Michigan with the worst ranking in the financial well-being and environmental stressors metrics.

The full list of 2023’s most relaxed city’s, based on this analysis, can be found here.

Though San Diego isn’t on the very top of the list, this study shows there is some peace of mind to be enjoyed in the metro we call home.