SAN DIEGO — Two endangered Sumatran tiger cubs made their debut Thursday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The cubs, one boy and one girl, were born to first-time mother Diana and father Dumai on July 12, the San Diego Wildlife Alliance (SDWA) said in a press release Thursday.

Puteri, which means “princess” in Malay, and Hutan, which means “forest,” are the first of their species to be born at the Safari Park’s Tull Family Tiger Trail habitat in seven years, according to wildlife officials.

The Sumatran tigers are listed as critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, with an estimated 400 to 600 of their kind left on Earth, per the SDWA.

“San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance works with partners in Asia through our Asian Rainforest Conservation Hub to end poaching and wildlife trafficking, while developing long-term plans to protect critically endangered Sumatran tigers,” the organization said.