SAN DIEGO — The City of San Diego laid out an ambitious plan to slash natural gas usage by 90% by 2035 in all buildings. The big question now is how much will it cost?

As of right now, the price tag for the plan is still to be determined.

Haney Hong, CEO of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, says the process needs to be a bit more transparent to the public.

“What are the impacts of the little guy and little gal when all these plans get implemented,” Hong said.

City officials are looking at San Diego-owned municipal buildings such as libraries, recreation centers and city buildings to better understand the potential costs of phasing out natural gas. But as of right now, there’s no exact price tag on the ambitious plan.

While Hong praised the city for its efforts, he says impacts of this plan on the public need to be part of the planning process.

“How is this going to affect mom and dad, grandma and grandpa who ultimately are going to have to pay themselves some of the requirements, what’s that going to take out of somebody’s wallet,” Hong said.

The Climate Action Plan was adopted into law in August of last year, but more recently the city unveiled a Climate Action Implementation plan.

Existing programs account for an estimate of $4.2 billion. Costs for new and expanded programs, come down to about $30 million annually. But it’s not clear if that includes the phase out of natural gas.

The City of San Diego is currently meeting with worker unions and building industry experts to explore the right path for the city.