SAN DIEGO– California’s second-largest school district, San Diego Unified School District, will head back to into the classroom Monday — something many are looking forward to.

“I have school in the next day,” said Bryson Ringo, a student at Lafayette Elementary School.

His first-grade brother, Brock Ringo Jr., added, “I’m trying to go to class to be good. If I learn, maybe I can get an award.”

FOX 5 caught up with the boys, alongside their father, Brock Ringo Sr., as they were purchasing “a few binders, crayons, glue,” and other last-minute school supplies.

Ringo Sr. said he looks forward to hearing about how the first day goes for his children.

“This one has so many stories and it’s so mind-blowing, and I can’t wait to hear what this guy comes up with, that’s what I’m really waiting on,” Ringo Sr. said.

Other students in SDUSD said they were also looking forward to the start of the year.

“Excited to start senior year because we are at the top of high school now, waited four years for that,” said Bailee Nickel, a senior at Clairemont High School.

Bailee Nickel and her friend Leah Phillips were getting ready for their first day of senior year by painting their parking spots at Clairemont High School, a tradition for students that they are hoping will bring back a sense of normalcy after three years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The seniors also said they look forward to shedding the masks this year.

“Especially with sports — we both play volleyball and we both had to wear masks last year…so it will be a big difference,” Phillips said.

Ringo said he is taking advantage of the schools weekly health check-ups for students.

“I’m actually really comfortable with this school right here, Lafayette. They are actually really good with keeping up on everything, they give us emails on a lot of stuff,” Ringo Sr. said.