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SAN DIEGO — One day after tens of thousands of students in the San Diego Unified School District began formal graded online instruction, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday that California schools may reopen as early as July.

FOX 5 spoke with a mother of two children who attend Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School in Scripps Ranch. Mishell Parreno Taylor says she wasn’t expecting the new school year to start so soon. She says her family is still juggling the new norm of having her kids at home while working full-time.

“It’s a lot of patience that’s had to be practiced at home and just the realty check that it’s not going to be perfect,” she said.

Parreno Taylor’s 10-year-old son is in fourth grade and her daughter, 6, is in first grade. She says juggling back-and-forth between being a mother, working full-time, and unexpectedly becoming a teacher is her new reality.

“We’re just rolling with the punches at this point. That’s all we can do. There’s no roadmap for this. This is the new norm.”

This week, her kids are back to formal instruction. She credits the school district for the easy transition.

“They’ve done a really nice job the last couple of weeks conditioning us for gameday, which is today. I do notice there’s more structure and there’s certainly more feedback from the teachers.”

Chula Vista Elementary School District, made up of about 30,000 students in 46 schools, started distance learning a couple of weeks ago. All but one of them are on modified year-round calendar.

When asked whether the district would be ready and prepared to start in late July or early August, Superintendent Francisco Escobedo said, “our schools were due to open on July 20 anyway so it would workout with our schedule whether July or August to start.”

“We will be ready,” Escobedo said. “It won’t look the same I don’t think, but we will follow the social distancing perimeters, whatever the governor sends out. We’ll definitely open up the best we can.”

Newsom says there’s a very good chance it could happen. Nothing is set in stone, but he laid out the idea to get the conversation going.

Parreno Taylor says she appreciates the governor’s transparency and the idea of starting early is something to consider.

“If it’s for the educational benefits for the kids, I think it’s fantastic,” she said. “I think there’s practical reality to what we have going on from folks losing their jobs and getting used to the new norm or working remotely, so all of those things come into play coupled with summer, right?”

The superintendent says the board will be meeting on Friday to further discuss Newsom’s announcement.