SAN DIEGO — National standardized test scores known as the “Nation’s Report Card” showed student math scores are down.

San Diego Unified students scores were down significantly but the silver lining is their reading scores did not take a huge hit.

The Nation’s Report Card found fourth and eighth graders across the country suffering academically due to the pandemic.

“I’m not surprised by that,” parent Gina Robinson said. “I have a fourth grader and he’s struggling in math.”

The San Diego Unified School District says scores from the National Assessment of Educational Progress found district fourth graders went from 42% proficiency in math in 2019 down to 34% this year. 

Meanwhile, eighth graders’ proficiency in math dropped from 35% proficiency down to 28%.

Reading scores remained unchanged.

“With math, you’re building on pre-requisites so if one piece is missing then everything that builds on top of that, is also going to be missing,” said Arvin Vohra, education consultant and founder of Vohra Method.

The district released a statement saying in part:

We need to do better but these results demonstrate that our students and educators are resilient. Our students are back in the classroom, and that is a critical first step that we need to acknowledge.”

The district says it is helping students recover with expanded early education programs and extending learning opportunities outside the classroom.