SAN DIEGO —A grand opening was held Thursday for the newest elementary school in the San Diego Unified School District.

Nipaquay Elementary School is a new, state-of-the-art campus located in the Civita neighborhood of Mission Valley.

It features first-grade through fifth-grade classrooms with roll-up doors that open to the outside, creating hybrid indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

It’s a UTK-5th grade school, which means kids as young as four can attend. 

The school officially opened to students at the start of the school year, with 180 students currently enrolled.

The grand opening was held Thursday to mark the completion of construction at the school and to commemorate Native American Heritage Month, which is celebrated in November. The campus is named after a former Kumeyaay village.

“Nipaquay Elementary is named after a Kumeyaay Village located close to this area. It means ‘our other home.’ It’s really, I love the name because the village represents an opportunity to bring cultures together, share information and perspectives so that’s what we’re all about here. Look around and you can see a great representation of San Diego as a whole and we want to do that name honor and we love the process that it happened.” said Principal Micheal Goodbody.