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SAN DIEGO — Ukrainian Americans in San Diego are frantically checking in with their relatives and friends back home as supporters rallied at Balboa Park Saturday, demanding an end to Putin’s invasion.

Many have been desperately checking in on family and friends, including San Diego Ukrainian American Anna Houck who Zoom called with her friend Olga. Olga wouldn’t give her last name for safety reasons but told FOX 5 she is safe because Ukrainian forces are successfully protecting her town Dnipro.

“I am worried but I am not scared,” said Olga from Dnipro. “I’m not scared. Beside our army is not so big as Russia, but for sure we are much stronger.”

Stronger in spirit and in fight, Olga says her father, brother and husband took up arms to defend their country. She says they won’t back down. 

“We are here,” Olga said. “It’s our country. We will fight. We are fighting. There’s no way just to let us be defeated. First of all, we are united. We are more united than ever. We are strong and we fight together.”

Several rallies have been held throughout the week in the San Diego area. Organizers at Balboa Park are planning to hold another rally at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday.