SAN DIEGO — In the interest of community safety and preparation for Halloween weekend, San Diego State University is increasing police safety patrols.

University policies and laws will be strictly enforced the next two days.

“During Halloween weekend, we expect a lot of students out, but also a lot of people come to the San Diego State area and joining neighborhoods,” said University Assistant Chief, Hank Turner.

He offered up these safety tips:

–Make a plan and stick to it.

-Avoid unsanctioned parties and events.

— Keep your phone charged.

-Check in with your friends and ask them to check in with you.

Students are encouraged to attend university-sponsored events, including Aztec Nights events that will be held Friday, Saturday and Tuesday.

Safety is top of mind at the university. Earlier this semester, two SDSU students reported sexual assaults near campus by fake ride-share drivers.

“If they’re (students) going take a ride, know the person they’re getting in the ride with,” advised Turner. “Or if they’re going to use a ride-share, use an official ride-share.”

Students are also encouraged to call or text 911 in the event of any emergency, and call on SDSU teams if they need any help (information about support services is online: