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Source: WalletHub

SAN DIEGO — If you’re a vegetarian or vegan living in America’s Finest City, you’re in luck: San Diego just ranked 10th on a report of best U.S. cities for people practicing those plant-based diets.

WalletHub compared the country’s 100 most populated cities across 16 indicators, from the cost of groceries for vegetarians to the share of restaurants serving vegetarian and vegan options.

Three other California cities ranked above San Diego: Los Angeles at No. 3, San Francisco at No. 4 and Oakland at No. 9, according to the personal finance website.

Not on a plant-based diet but still enjoy smoothies? You’re in the right place. San Diego tied with four other cities for most juice and smoothie bars per capita: Miami, Houston, Portland and Las Vegas.

San Diego also ranked eighth in farmers markets and CSA programs per capita and ninth in salad shops per capita.

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