SAN DIEGO — A new bridge connecting Harbor Drive and Park Boulevard is being planned next to Petco Park. It will allow drivers to go over the railroad tracks. 

The project, which has been in the work for decades, is expected to be complete by mid-next year, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The first portion was the pedestrian bridge which was completed in 2011. Later this year, a second bridge is expected to begin construction allowing people to drive across.

The entire project was started back in 1998 when voters approved the Ballpark District ordinance, which included Petco Park, per the U-T.

Almost two decades later, the $27 million pedestrian bridge was built, but plans for the second bridge were paused by the city.

The project was pushed back several years after facing multiple challenges, including the coronavirus pandemic. Over the years the project cost has escalated to about $27 million.

Some locals told FOX 5 the bridge is needed to ease traffic during major sporting events and even Comic-Con. 

“I think it will open it up more and get it off from Harbor because downtown is so compact with the people and traffic and homeless,” downtown San Diego resident Justus Burtrun said. “This will make it easier to get out and get to the freeways much easier.”

The project is being called the “at-grade” vehicle crossing which would essentially allow drivers to go over the railroad tracks.

The city expects to secure a contractor by July, break ground in August and completed by next summer.