SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Planning Commission voted unanimously to advance ten pro-housing policies to the city council in an effort to make housing more available to people of all incomes. The vast majority of public speakers who attended Thursday’s meeting had a comment about the implementation of Senate Bill 10.

“The rent and price of homes send a message that I’m not really wanted here. SB 10 is a policy that we desperately need,” resident Marcus Helmer said.

The commission was set to consider San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria’s Housing Action Plan and consider the role of Senate Bill 10, which would make it easier for cities to zone for smaller, low cost developments of up to 10 units per parcel.

“It is highly unlikely that the over development resulting from SB 10 will result in more affordable housing, but rather just increase the profits of developers,” resident Mandy Havlik said.

The pro-housing policies the commission supports encourage the construction of new homes.

“We are in gridlock. We can’t even get people with section 8 vouchers housed anymore because of the cost of rentals. I urge you to pass SB 10 at its maximum fullest.” resident John Brady said.. 

While some of the policies include incentives to house seniors, students, those at risk of homelessness, the commission chose to withhold support for SB 10 at this time.

Instead, the commission recommended the city hold workshops to allow for more public input on how to address the gap of missing middle-income homes.

The Housing Action Plan policies will now move on to the Land Use and Housing Committee on Sept. 21, before going to city council for consideration. Any workshops diving into SB 10 are yet to be scheduled.