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SAN DIEGO – San Diego city leaders this week agreed to $400,000 in payouts to settle two lawsuits brought against the city alleging dangerous sidewalk and road conditions that resulted in injuries.

Both suits were settled Tuesday in votes by San Diego City Council and are being paid out of the city’s Public Liability Fund. The largest was a $250,000 settlement with a woman named Diane Greenwood, who sued the city alleging a dangerous condition of public property after an April 2019 fall near 7464 Girard Ave. in La Jolla.

In her suit, Greenwood claimed she was injured after she tripped and fell on an alleged street defect positioned at the edge of a concrete storm drain apron, a city staff report shows.

The other $150,000 payout ends legal action filed by Marguerite Coats, who said she tripped and fell on a raised sidewalk in early 2020 on Diane Avenue in the Clairemont area. As a result, Coats said she lost her two front teeth, chipped another tooth and dislocated her left elbow.

“(Coats) claimed the sidewalk was in a dangerous condition and that the City had notice of its dangerous condition in sufficient time to have repaired the condition prior to the accident,” the report reads.

The settlement compensates Coats for medical bills as well as for any additional pain and suffering.

A 2020 city audit reported on by the Union-Tribune found that city spends nearly $25 million a year to settle lawsuits, including some $220 million between the 2010 and 2018 fiscal years. One recommendation of that audit was for city leaders to repair damaged sidewalks in high-traffic areas.