SAN DIEGO — Another Safe Parking Lot is getting ready to open for Homeless San Diegans.

The Rose Canyon lot not only has 15 spaces for unhoused San Diegans to park their vehicles to sleep overnight, but this site also has 12 camper trailers for prescreened families.

“Having a bed to lay out, I haven’t been able to lay down in probably for at least three months,” said Michael Johns, who’s about to move in with his family. The Johns have been living in their vehicle off-and-on for about a year.

“Taking a shower and being able to use a bathroom of your own bed is a huge thing,” said Johns. “A brand new refrigerator and freezer, I can’t even tell you how much a huge difference that is really — getting a cold drink, instead of a warm drink.”

Johns showed FOX 5 around the new Rose Canyon Safe Parking Lot.

The trailers were donated by the state. Money from San Diego County’s emergency housing grant is helping to make the site possible.

Mayor Todd Gloria said community support is vital.

“There’s nothing magical about this parking lot. Every city in this county has one. Consider whether or not you, you can actually make space for the people who are homeless in your city and actually provide services to them,” said Gloria.

Jewish Family Service of San Diego has been contracted to providing safe parking lot residents with access to resources to help them pursue a path to housing.

“The only way you can, sometimes move on is when you have your basic necessities — to be able to dress clean, smell good, get ready for work,” said Johns.

And Michael Johns is ready for work. He’s looking for employment and told FOX 5 he can do just about anything.