SAN DIEGO — Mission Bay’s northeastern corner is drilling down on their final plans for a major redevelopment.

The plan lays out roughly a large wetlands restoration project, a small golf course and low cost camping.

The redevelopment area site takes over where the De Anza cove mobile home site used to be along with what remains of Campland.  

Stakeholders are still lobbying for tweaks, and will have until April 20 to lodge their comments.

“One of the best places in the city of San Diego to get wetland restoration done for water quality improvement, for resilience to sea level rise, for habitat and also improved access for humans,” said Andrew Meyer from the San Diego Audubon Society.

City officials are looking to restore the wetlands to gather federal funding for the project and are also working to hit their climate action plan set for 2035.

“Wetlands are one of the most effective ways to sequester the carbon in the atmosphere…but it also accommodates sea level rise in the most effective way,” San Diego City Councilman Joe LaCava said.

The project isn’t expected to be finished for over a decade.