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SAN DIEGO — Nonprofits in San Diego are stepping up to help the situation on the ground in Ukraine.

Volunteers held prayer vigils Tuesday for peace in Ukraine outside the Strong Tower at the Salvation Army Kroc Center in Rolando.

Similar songs and prayer vigils are being held by Salvation Army volunteers in Ukraine. Volunteers are not only praying but have also mobilized teams on the ground to help.

“We also believe tang compassion is what is needed that is what God has called us to do,” said Lt. Col. Lee Lescano, of The Salvation Army.

A map shows there are nine Salvation Army centers right now operating inside Ukraine to help refugees in the country. Volunteers are providing urgently needed food and hygiene items for families fleeing the invasion.

“In fact, one story today, a young mom with two kids who needed to get to her family in Germany actually went through Romania, Moldova, and Hungary and all Salvation Army units helping her and assisting her to try and get home, so that’s happening every day, multiple times,” Lescano said.

The Salvation Army also has multiple Eastern Europeans locations in countries neighboring Ukraine such as Poland, Romania, Moldova, the Czech Republic and even Russia.

“It’s basic sanitation,” said Barry LaForgia, of International Relief Teams. “It’s basic hygiene. It’s basic shelter. Some kind of temporary shelters and they’re being put up right now.”

International Relief Teams is also working with partners on the ground and sending funds to help refugees in need of help and hope.

“This is our mission this is what we’re formed for International Relief Teams and this is what we do,” LaForgia said. “We help in times of disaster both domestic and international.”

International Relief Teams and the Salvation Army say donations are desperately needed to help the refugees in Ukraine.