DENVER, Color. — A San Diego native was killed in a shooting outside a Denver nightclub on Tuesday where he worked as a disc jockey.

Jason Perry graduated from Scripps Ranch High School in 1995, where he played football and was considered the “class clown,” his father Frank recalled to FOX 5.

“He was a San Diego kid,” Frank said. “That was his home, his friends.”

A life-long entertainer, he said his only son moved to Denver about six years ago after being recruited to work as a DJ full-time after operating a performance business in the San Diego area for weddings, parties, reunions and bar mitzvahs.

“You always hear that you should never outlive your children,” Frank said through tears on Sunday. “He was doing exactly what he enjoyed doing up until his last breath … I just want people to remember that he was a great guy.”

Unfortunately, Perry lost his life on Aug. 8 after he was gunned down by an unruly customer at the Denver club he worked at.

That night, he had been serving in a security role and had helped escort the customer out of the business, according to reports. As he was taking a picture of the customer’s license plate, Frank said the suspect pulled out a gun, fatally shooting him in the parking lot.

“It was just horrific, Jason was at the wrong place at the wrong time, he didn’t know the gentleman, didn’t have any relationship with him, it was just a horrific murder,” he said.

Denver Police have not confirmed if any arrests have been made in the case. However, Frank said the club has a protocol that could help solve the murder of his son.

“The policy they had at the club is that they would take a picture of the drivers license of all the patrons that came in, so they know exactly who they are looking for, they have video,” he explained.

While Denver Police continue to search for the suspect, the club has held memorials this week to honor Perry. Frank also said they are planning a celebration of life to honor his son in San Diego in October — the same month he would have turned 47.