DESCANSO, Calif. — Another round of wind, rain and snow is expected to move into the county.

Light rain is already coming down in Descanso as another storm is expected to move in.

“At this time, there’s been so much moisture that things are pretty, the ground is pretty saturated,” one Alpine resident said.

The ground is so saturated from rain of the last couple of days that trees toppled across the county.

One tree knocked over near UTC mall on Nobel Drive just west of Genesse Avenue Sunday morning.

On Saturday, another tree toppled over off La Costa Avenue in Carlsbad.

“You’re more concerned especially with the trees knocking down power lines in the mountains and they have to shut off power,” Evangelist said.

Several trees came down along the coast last week.

It’s just a preview of what’s to come from now until Wednesday as a storm system approaches.

“It’s crazy it’s gone so long. Usually, we get a handful of storms like in December and January but we don’t have to, you know, by the time it’s March it’s like OK spring time’s here, but yeah it’s pretty crazy,” Campo resident Courtney Lee said. “I can’t believe that it’s actually going to be raining again for the next few days.”

Residents in the mountain areas say they are preparing.

“We’re not planning on taking any trips or anything like that so we’re just kind of batting down the hatches and take it as it comes,” Evangelist said.

Lee says she is stocking up on groceries and supplies.

“Definitely, toilet paper and a lot of just dinner supplies that’s for sure,” Lee said. 

A high wind warning will go into effect Tuesday for the deserts with gusts expected to reach 70 to 80 miles an hour.

FOX 5 spoke to a resident who said he already noticed debris blowing around his home during the last storm.

“A few little small limbs off the trees and stuff but nothing major. There was no tree laying on top of my house or anything like that. We were very lucky about that,” Evangelist said.

A winter storm warning is expected to go into effect for our mountain areas that could see up to a foot of snow into Wednesday.