SAN DIEGO — A federal jury has convicted a San Diego man of distributing fentanyl in connection to a fatal overdose.

Court evidence shows Nameer Mohammad Atta, 22, sold counterfeit “M30” pills to a 26-year-old active-duty U.S. Marine. These pills contained traces of the illicit and deadly substance that continues to plague the region.

The lance corporal was found overdosing in his Miramar barracks back in May of 2020 after buying the counterfeit pills from Atta, according to prosecutors. Emergency response paramedics were unable to revive the serviceman.

Records show Atta took to social media to market the drugs, referring to them as the “most trusted” in San Diego. He later wrote in text messages that the pills were the “most potent” in the area.

“This verdict again demonstrates the resolve of this office to hold to account those whose callous actions result in overdose deaths,” said U.S. Attorney Randy Grossman. “Fentanyl kills indiscriminately, and tragically here it took the life of a Marine. We will continue to seek justice on behalf of victims.”

Atta’s sentencing date is set for Feb. 10. 2023. In the meantime, Special Agent in Charge Todd Battaglia of the NCIS Marine West Field Office warns “the illicit distribution and use of fentanyl in the United States poses a critical threat to our local communities.”