SAN DIEGO – Words of wisdom for the Padres are coming from some of the youngest baseball players in San Diego County. Despite only playing Little League, these San Diegans think they know what it takes to take home a win.

As the Padres faced the Phillies, it was practice time for Sunshine Little League’s fall ball rookie team in City Heights. While Fielding balls and practicing their swing, the hopeful future Friars shared with FOX 5 their advice and expertise to help the Padres score some runs for Game 2 straight from the Little League to the big league.

For little Danny Fitzpatrick, it’s plain and simple.

“You’ve just got to get home runs,” Fitzpatrick said.

His teammate, Sarai Vasquez, tells us it’s all about teamwork.

“They should probably keep score and help each and other play well, and if they don’t know how to play, teach them,” Vasquez said.

Despite Tuesday’s outcome, Sunshine Little League players have something to celebrate with this week’s matchup making history as the Padres played their first National League Championship Series game since October 14, 1998, after defeating the National League West Champions.

“I like that the Padres beat the Dodgers,” said David Fitzpatrick, little brother to Danny.

Coach Dawna Fitzpatrick, mother to David and Danny, told FOX 5 the Padres advancement to the NLCS keeps her team’s Friar faith alive.

“It’s so cool seeing them light up and having a team that’s doing so well,” Fitzpatrick said.