SAN DIEGO – Survey data from AAA says San Diego is the second-most booked destination for Southern Californians looking to get away for Labor Day weekend.

Coming in just behind Las Vegas, America’s Finest City took the No. 2 spot on the list based on hotel, cruise and tour bookings in the area during the holiday weekend, according to the Auto Club of Southern California.

The survey also found that roughly 32% of Americans plan to travel for Labor Day and that the majority of those travelers, 82%, will drive to their destination.

The top eight travel locations for Southern Californians this Labor Day, according to AAA:

  1. Las Vegas
  2. San Diego
  3. Orlando
  4. Alaska
  5. Fort Lauderdale
  6. Nashville
  7. Hawaii
  8. Europe

“Right now, travelers can find some great deals for future travel, especially on cruises. For those who want to travel in the fall, the best advice is to get those plans in place as soon as possible due to the pent up demand, work with a reputable travel advisor who is aware of the requirements where you want to go, and consider travel insurance that would cover trip interruptions,” said Heather Felix, the Auto Club’s vice president of travel products & services.

AAA officials say that they expect to assist more than 58,000 roadside drivers this Labor Day and suggest that travelers check tires, batteries, belts, fluid levels and general car maintenance before hitting the road this weekend.

No matter your plans for the three-day weekend, time off from work and beating the heat are at the top of the list for many people.

San Diego is showing off its hot weather, causing some visitors to be caught off guard.

“It’s a bit warm but its still paradise,” Lynne Noelle said.

Businesses across the San Diego region, including Hodad’s in Ocean Beach, are gearing up for an influx of people.

“This is like the last heyday before the end of summer, so we are expecting a busy weekend down here at the beach,” Nick McMahon, a manager at Hodad’s said. “Lots of out of towners, the line always scares the locals, but we are ready for when anyone comes in.”

Hodad’s is expecting at least 3,000 people will come through their doors and grab a burger and a way to stay hydrated.

“Lots of cold ice water,” McMahon said. “Get them in, get them out and get them to the beach.”

And a day at the beach is at the top of minds for locals and visitors, but caution signs at Dog Beach in Ocean Beach is making some people have second thoughts about getting in the water at this beach after a sewage spill Thursday.

“Definitely will not be going in the water, probably less beach time this weekend unfortunately that’s what we do everyday,” Ocean Beach resident Krishna Shastry said. “It’s a beautiful destination without the sewer, it’s a bummer.”

To check the beach conditions: