San Diego Humane Society works to reunite pets with owners after holiday weekend


SAN DIEGO – If you heard fireworks last night, it’s a good bet your pets heard them, too — and for some, it might have scared them enough to run off.

That usually makes the day after Fourth of July fireworks a busy one at the San Diego Humane Society.

“The fireworks are so frightening to many animals,” said Nina Thompson with the Humane Society.

As of noon Sunday, the Humane Society already had received 65 new animals to its shelters and expected many more before the day was done. Last year, they took in a total of 263 animals the day after Independence Day.

Thompson said there are several places to check if a furry friend goes missing.

“If you’re missing a pet, please go to and check out our lost and found portion of the website,” said Thompson. “All animals that have come into San Diego Humane Society are listed on the website.”

If the pet isn’t there, Thompson recommends reporting them missing so the Humane Society can post a photo of them. Those with missing pets also are encouraged to check other local shelters as well as neighborhood social media groups.

Due to COVID-19, the Humane Society requires appointments to visit or pick up a lost pet.

As they work to reunite lost pets, San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife also is working to take care of a special visitor that came in on July 4th: a young bald eagle that was suffering from dehydration.

In an emailed update, Thompson said the eagle is standing “stronger and brighter” than when it arrived Saturday. She said the eagle was sedated Sunday morning for X-rays and a blood draw in addition to being given fluids.

Officials said the bird is a juvenile who hasn’t been seen flying on its own. The eagle will remain in the organization’s critical care unit with hopes of “(stabilizing) him as quickly as possible.”

“Currently, he is breathing heavy, although slightly improved from intake,” she said. “We submitted his samples of blood and feces for full evaluation, including a lead test.”

Thompson said they are also pulling for all the newly found pets to be happily reunited with their owners.

“It’s so much fun to see the animal get excited to see their mom and dad and likewise when the human sees their animal so we’re really hoping that we can see as many reunions as possible today, it’s our absolute favorite thing,” she said.

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