SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Humane Society announced Thursday that they are in urgent need of at least 50 foster volunteers due to their shelters filling up.

With a high volume of incoming animals and nearly 1,500 animals currently in the organization’s care, fosters are needed to help alleviate the critical space shortage, SDHS spokesperson Nina Thompson said in a news release.

If you are interested in fostering an animal, you can find more information here.

Volunteers who foster an animal will take the pet into their care for a limited period of time while the humane society works to get other animals at their facilities adopted to create space.

“Fostering offers the one-on-one attention and loving comfort that only a home setting can provide,” said a quote attributed to SDHS Director of Nursery and Placement Jackie Noble. “Additional foster volunteers will allow us to create space for the animals who continue to enter our care every day, especially right now when our shelters are full.”

The foster program applies to animals currently in a shelter, but also to the pets of owners who are facing a temporary hardship that would make them unable to care for their animal for a time, helping the pet from ever having to enter the shelter system, Thompson said.