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WARNING: The video below contains explicit language and graphic images that viewers may find disturbing.

SAN DIEGO — Authorities Thursday released body-worn camera footage and security video of a shooting involving officers last week outside Harbor Police Headquarters in which a man is seen pulling a gun on law enforcement after asking for assistance on his car.

The incident happened about 1:30 p.m. April 10 at 2280 North Harbor Drive, when police said a 29-year-old man, identified as Eric Medina of San Ysidro, parked in front of the Port of San Diego Harbor Police Headquarters and walked up to use the building’s callbox.

Security footage shows Medina talking on his cell phone while trying to knock on the locked front doors of the lobby to contact someone in the building with the callbox, which eventually went through to a dispatcher. The dispatcher’s audio recording revealed that the man was asking for help outside in the front entrance, but he never answered what he needed help with and hung up to walk back to his car.

Police said Officer James Macmaster was called to assist the man and made his way toward the front entrance, opening the doors and walking toward the suspect who was parked outside the station.

As the officer was asking the man if he wanted to talk to an officer, Macmaster’s body-worn camera video shows the suspect saying “yes” and placing his hand outside the car window and then pointing a gun at the officer.

Macmaster is seen in his bodycam video quickly turning for cover behind the police building’s column and contacting other officers by radio saying that the suspect has a gun. Macmaster could be heard yelling “put your hands up” and “drop the gun” several times.

“When officer Macmaster orders Medina to put his hands up, Medina raises his hands while still holding the gun,” police stated in the video. “Medina again pointed the gun at Macmaster.”

For approximately 19 seconds, Macmaster used verbal contact asking the suspect to drop the gun, according to police. That’s when the man is seen again in the video pointing the gun at Macmaster, prompting the officer to fire his service weapon multiple times at the suspect.

Macmaster’s bodycam video shows him yelling “shots fired” as two other police officials, Sgt. Scott Ferraioli and Lt. Victor Banuelos, arrive to back him up. Ferriaioli is located behind another column across from Macmaster while Banuelos is in the lobby. All three officers begin to shoot at the suspect.

“Officers ordered Mr. Medina to exit his car from the passenger side. Officers, using a ballistic shield, approached the car and see that Mr. Medina was now empty-handed and arrested him,” police stated in the video.

Authorities say the suspect was struck by several rounds, prompting officers to apply medical aid including the application of several tourniquets. When paramedics arrived, the man was transported to a local hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

During the investigation, officers said they recovered a gun used by the suspect that was located in his car.

“One live round was in the chamber and expended round was in the barrel,” police stated in the video.

According to Port of San Diego Harbor Police, San Diego police’s homicide unit as well as San Diego County District Attorney’s Office will review the investigation, with FBI San Diego and U.S. Attorney’s Office monitoring the situation. The Port of San Diego Harbor Police will conduct an administrative investigation into the officers’ discharge of a firearm.