SAN DIEGO — San Diego firefighters are helping to empower burn victims.

Firefighters and fire cadets were stationed at intersections across San Diego Thursday morning for the department’s annual ‘Fill the Boot’ drive.

Firefighters held their boots rather than wearing them to collect donations for the Burn Institute and some folks were being very generous.

“A biker pulled up and we thought he was just going to ask some questions, but opened up his pocket and put in $200,” said Mathew, a San Diego Fire cadet.

Burn Institute Executive Director Tessa Haviland explained how this is their largest fundraiser.

“All the money that’s raised today, here in San Diego and Imperial Counties, it goes to burn prevention education programs, as well as burn survivor programs,” she said.

Firefighter Caleb Firebaugh said he also volunteers for a special summer camp.

“We call it ‘Camp Beyond the Scars’ because they have these scars and they’re out and about and people see them as burn victims and that’s unfortunate when they come around others, peers — they’re just kids,” said Firebaugh. “At least for me personally and the other firefighters who volunteer, I put a name to the face.”

The donations are still being counted, but the Burn Institute expects to raise around $200,000.