SAN DIEGO — A San Diego couple opened up their home to foster a family fleeing the war in Ukraine.

The Walker Family had an empty nest with their adult children gone, and after seeing the horrors in Ukraine, they felt called to open their home.

“Our hearts were just opened by God to see what we can do,” foster mother Robin Walker said. 

A Ukrainian flag flying proudly outside of Robin and Hal Walker’s home welcomed a Ukrainian family of five inside.

“No words,” Ukrainian refugee Ilya Vorobiov said. “Only thank you, I can’t explain it.”

Nataly Dubovyk and her five-year-old son escaped the bombing in Kyiv. Her husband stayed behind.

“He told me, ‘You have to leave because we have a baby.’ It’s not just my life, now I’m responsible for other life,” Dubovyk said.

The Walkers say the process was simple with little paperwork. They said they feel blessed to help, even to the point of tears.

“Hal and I are making a difference to someone else who can’t do for themselves right now financially and logistically, and they’re basically on an island without a boat to get off,” Robin said.

She says families interested in providing shelter for refugees can get started through the website She hopes their story can inspire others to do the same.

“We’re blessed to have this family in our home. I feel so much more enriched,” Hal said. “The love that we feel in the house from them, it’s wonderful.”

The Walkers are also working to help the Ukrainian refugees get work permits and student visas. They say they have become like family.