SAN DIEGO — The first week of 2023 is expected to be a wet one in San Diego County. The storm system also brings gusty winds.

The Department of Public Works announced several road closures Sunday morning due to flooding and downed trees from the weather conditions. Here’s a list of areas affected.


Highland Drive between Oak Avenue and Carlsbad Village Drive was closed due to some downed trees. The roadway was expected to reopen sometime Monday morning, according to Carlsbad police.

Spring Valley:
Quarry Road was closed between State Route 125 to Lakeview Drive, but has since reopened.

Melrose way is closed from Marsopa Drive to Sunset Drive due to a tree down; Primrose Avenue was closed from Azalea Drive To Lobelia Drive, but has since reopened.

The intersection of Kelly Avenue and Letton Street was closed, but has since reopened; Kelly Avenue was closed from Pala Street to Julian Street, but has since reopened; and Letton Street from Main Street to Raymond Street has also been reopened.

Officials like Carlos Michel from the Department of Public Works have encouraged drivers to slow down and drive carefully during rain and other weather conditions.

“Just a reminder for people, when it’s raining, slow down, get off your phones and pay attention to the road,” said Michel. “The stuff that we’ve seen is just people driving too fast. When you see cones, especially slow down because there’s reasons those cones are up.”

The New Year brings a parade of storms set to hit the West Coast, which means on-and-off rain throughout next week in San Diego County.

Check back for updates as the status of closures may alter due to changes in weather conditions.