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SAN DIEGO — Outdoor adventurers looking for a scare this spooky season are in luck as a San Diego County park has been ranked the second most haunted RV campground in America, according to RV Trader.

Lake Morena County Park, the most remote reservoir in the county, has a track record of mysterious sightings. Its terrain, a vast desert and mountainous landscape at an elevation of 3,000 feet, brings in camping enthusiasts year after year.

Uncanny tales from time spent at the park date back as far as 1983 with archives from the Union-Tribune recounting the story of a man named Walter Strucker, a park volunteer who lived in a motorhome near the lake.

Stucker told reporters he had woke from sleep to find what appeared to be a tall man standing outside of his window, except he wasn’t standing after all. The park volunteer claimed the male figure was, instead, hovering above the ground.

Other park’s employees, nearby residents and visitors have also given chilling accounts, according to RV Trader. From claims of a ghostly woman in a long white dress and sounds of heavy footsteps around the campgrounds, Lake Morena County Park has a reputation for all things eerie.

Looking for a ghostly getaway this October? Head towards East County San Diego, if you dare.