SAN DIEGO — With Pride Month officially underway, the San Diego Community College District is flying the Pride flag at all of its campuses for the first time in district history.

District officials say the action symbolizes their commitment to stand in solidarity with all of their students and employees.

Several college administrators and student employees gathered Thursday morning to watch the Pride flag being raised. This is the first time in the school’s 50 year history that this action is taken.

In April, the SDCCD Board of Trustees voted to declare June 2023, and every June thereafter, to be a districtwide celebration of LGBTQIA+ Pride.

Not only is the special commemorative rainbow flag now being flown at its district headquarters in Mission Valley, but the Pride flag was also raised at all eight SDCCD campuses.

“This is a recognition by our board of trustees and our district to send a signal to the whole community, especially to our students and employees, that Pride is really important,” said Jack Beresford, SDCCD Director of Communications and Public Relations.

The board of trustees is developing a policy where the community would be able to recommend flying other commemorative flags.

The Juneteenth flag is the next flag school officials plan to fly on campuses.