SAN DIEGO — In a unanimous vote, San Diego City Council voted to pass a water rate increase of 3% for residents.

In a last-minute attempt at Tuesday’s city council meeting, residents attempted to argue their way out of another water increase.  

“As a business owner, I understand that there is a need to balance the books, but if the residents of the city are struggling to afford water, the government is obligated to find a better solution than never-ending rate increases,” one man said.

“I work three jobs right now in order to pay bills. I have four generations living in my two-bedroom apartment because we can not afford to live apart,” said a woman.  

“We will be living in the streets because we cannot pay the bills,” another resident said.

The San Diego County Water Authority recently raised rates by 3.7%, and city officials say they had no choice but to pass the costs along to ratepayers. Many residents are still reeling from the last rate increase, which has left a lasting impression.

“It was $25 every two months for years and years and years, and now $300,” said Francis Sheppard, a retired resident on a fixed income.