SAN DIEGO — The City Council of San Diego voted unanimously to pass the resolution identifying housing as a human right. The symbolic gesture mirrors the United Nations sentiment to call housing a human right. The resolution in part says:

“Housing is a human right and we must make this declaration to ensure we as elected leaders, and our whole community, own our responsibility to take the actions necessary to ensure every San Diegan has a real opportunity to have the decent and stable housing necessary for a dignified and healthy life.” 

Tenant advocates celebrated the move, calling the resolution long overdue.

“I feel that this is a symbolic resolution, but I think its important that the people in the city and in the county think housing needs to be a human right,” said John Brady, the Director of Lived Experience advisors.

“We think that this is the first step in going to get stronger protections like the tenant protection ordinance, which is up for discussion today and eventually rent control,” said Rafael Bautista, the Director of the San Diego Tenants Union.

The city attorney did warn councilmembers that the resolution could open the city up to vague lawsuits and landlords say the unanimous decision to support tenants worries them. 

“Its concerning, there is no balance, there should be balance,” said Tony, a property manager. “Competitive viewpoints probably sus out the best solution, so its concerning. It’s all in one direction.”