SAN DIEGO — The San Diego City Council will hold a special meeting Monday to discuss and vote on drafting a resolution to declare housing as a fundamental human right in the City of San Diego.

San Diego’s last homeless census, which was conducted in February, showed there were 8,400 homeless people in the County, with 57% of those residing in the City of San Diego.

Moving forward with a resolution demonstrates that San Diego agrees with the idea of prioritizing individuals who have historically not had access to adequate housing, according to city officials.

Council President Sean Elo-Rivera told FOX 5 that making this declaration would allow the city to further incentivize affordable housing in high opportunity neighborhoods for those that have been previously excluded.

He says the city would identify solutions for homelessness by working with people who have been or currently are homeless, to draw on their experience.

If the vote passes, the city council will request the City Attorney’s Office to prepare a resolution to declare housing as a human right.