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SAN DIEGO — A love for classic cars is bringing the community together in support of law enforcement officers injured or killed on the job.

San Diego California Highway Patrol hosted its first classic car show Saturday at CHP headquarters. The event was presented by the 645 Squad Club in Kearny Mesa, benefitting injured or fallen law enforcement officers and their families. Money raised from the event helps families pay for rent, child care, groceries and other bills when tragedy hits.

“We’ve had a few officers go down this year, one of our officers here in our area was hit while on his motorcycle and our foundation reached out and gave with no questions asked,” said Salvador Castro, treasurer of the 645 Squad Club. “It’s not a handout, it’s a helping hand because they deserve it. They go out there every day and they risk their lives.”

George and Sherry Lee showcased their 1956 Chevy 210 Sports Coop in a line of classic cars. They said they are appreciative of law enforcement who have helped them on their cross country road trips.

“The CHP has always come through for us,” Sherry Lee said. “I think they’ve pulled over when we have been on the side of the road. They are just wonderful people.”

Retired law enforcement officer Leroy Banks showed off his retirement gift to himself, a eight-cylinder 1966 Mustang.

“The speed, well, I should be saying I drive the speed limit and I have a good time,” Banks said.

He was appreciative to see the community together in a greater capacity.

“With everything that’s going on in the world right now, everybody is divided, so this is a way for everyone in the community to come together and just show peace can happen,” Banks said. “It’s just a matter of us doing it.”

If you would like to support the families of injured or fallen officers, you can donate to the the CAHP Widows and Orphans’ Trust Fund or the CHP 11-99 Foundation.