SAN DIEGO — It looks like small batch bourbon crafted in San Diego is giving some Kentucky spirits a run for their money in regards to rich flavor profiles.

On Friday, Cask & Coast Spirits Co. announced it’s inaugural batch of premium cask-finished California bourbon was awarded a gold medal last month at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The contest considered over 5,000 spirits from around the globe and is considered to be “the most prestigious spirit competition in the world” as described on its webpage.

The San Diego-based company produced the only gold medal-winning bourbon from Southern California based on the results of the competition.

“We are so honored to receive a coveted gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition,” said Cask & Coast Spirits cofounder Mark Kersey, who’s also a former San Diego city councilman. “We made a bourbon that we wanted to drink and it’s gratifying to see our work validated in what many consider the most respected and influential spirits competition on the planet.”

Cask & Coast Co. says it’s four-grain bourbon is distilled and matured in the Midwest in new American oak barrels. From there, the bourbon-makers say it’s blended in San Diego before being finished for a year in California Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc wine casks from local vineyards.

“Winning gold in San Francisco is a tremendous achievement, especially for a startup company,” said Kersey.

The locally blended small batch bourbon is aged for five years and is bottled at 102 proof, according to Cask & Coast Spirits Co.