SAN DIEGO — San Diegans are banding together to collect get-well cards in order to send best wishes to Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin.

San Diego Buffalo Bills fans turning pain into passion.

They celebrated the first touchdown since safety Damar Hamlin collapsed during Monday Night Football. 

“As ‘Bills Mafia,’ the Buffalo Bills are like our family members,” said Melynda Pezone. “It was like watching a family member collapse and get resuscitated. All of us were just terrified.”

Showing their support by taking to social media, announcing they will follow the nationwide “Bills Mafia” trend of collecting get-well cards from their customers.

“My kids at home made cards for him (Hamlin), the kids here have made cards for him. It’s good to see everyone come together and be supportive,” said Nicole Rick.

Bills fans are taking the next step. Giving customers a chance to create their own cards in person.

Encouraging them to also send thank you cards to the first responders who helped save Hamlin’s life.

“They don’t get the thanks that they deserve and so we are really, really happy to thank them. They were the ones that were essential in ensuring that he’s still with us today,” Pezone said.

Hamlin recently took to social media for the first time since his cardiac arrest. He let everyone know that their prayers and support are appreciated. The message brought Bills fans a sigh of relief. 

“It was incredible. It was almost like a weight lifted off,” Pezone said.

“It was amazing,” Rick explained. “Even before the game today (Sunday), they showed him from the hospital bed and he’s tweeting out during the whole game and telling everyone ‘I love you too man.’ When they’re scoring they’re saying number three it’s been awesome.”

After receiving such a powerful post from Hamlin, fans have a message for him.

“I think he’s been posterboard for just true survival. I would just tell him thank you for bringing our nation together for something that’s positive instead of negative for once,” Rick said.

“We are so, so and so happy that he is alive and on the road to recovery. We still have his back,” Pezone said.