SAN DIEGO — The man shot and killed in a Clairemont park has been identified as a San Diego-based rapper, according to his family.

Relatives told FOX 5 that his name was Alo Bandz, a rapper, whose full name was Cesar Eduardo Lopez Sandoval.

A memorial has been set up at the scene where a man was shot and killed in broad daylight at the North Clairemont Recreation Center on Bannock Avenue Sunday. Police have not publicly identified the victim yet.

Family and friends have placed flowers, candles and balloons to honor his life.

A relative of Sandoval was at the memorial Monday afternoon and shared the following with FOX 5, which has been translated from Spanish to English.

“As of yesterday (Sunday), we’ve mourned the loss of our nephew Eduardo, I feel very bad for his parents. I feel very bad for his dad. It’s been one year since they lost their other son, today (Monday), it’s their other son Eduardo. I feel so bad for them, all of the aunts, cousins, nephews, all of us feel terrible for the loss of Eduardo,” the female relative said. “Eduardo, we knew him as Lalo, we are very sad.”

Officials confirmed Monday the victim did have a brief confrontation with two men in the park before the shooter fired his handgun several times. Law enforcement is still searching for the killer as the gunman is still on the loose.

This reality is now stirring fear in the community. Michael Pallamary has lived in the area for the past four decades, and says the park was once a safe haven.

“We’re next to an elementary school and there’s a church right over here. This is the part of the community where children go to be safe, they should be safe, we should not tolerate this,” Pallamary said.

A place where children play, teens roam, and a community comes together has now turned into a crime scene, leaving behind a daunting reality.

“If families and grandparents are afraid to come to this park, where does it go, we need to take a stand. Silence is not an option here,” Pallamary said.

Pallamary is now vying with local leaders for improved safety, security cameras and additional patrol as he vows to take back his park.

“We have to take a stand somewhere we have to say no not my not my backyard,” he said.

Saturday at noon, neighbors will meet at the North Clairemont Recreation Center once again to rally and host another vigil for the victim.

FOX 5’s Zara Barker and Sarah Alegre contributed to this story.